HQ Meteor R2F


Flying clean and straight lines as if on rails, amazing forward and reverse flights, hovers, breathtaking propeller spins - all this is part of the flight repertoire of the Meteor.

The special feature of this quad-line kite, however, is the calm and controllability with which it „paints“ stunning flying figures in the sky. The extraordinary flying performances of quad-line

kites attract more and more people. Beginners who want to learn more about the possibilities of quad-line kites, will find a very versatile companion with an attractive design in the Meteor - and all at a very attractive price.

Even experts will appreciate the flying potential and controllability of this kite.

Includes: Kite, 4-line handles, Dyneema lines on winder and bag.
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Width: 200 cm / 79
Height: 76 cm / 30
Sail: Ripstop-Nylon
Frame: 6mm carbon
Line incl.: Dyneema 50 kp / 110lb, 4 x 20 m on quad handles
Wind: 2-5 (10-30 km/h l 6-19 mph)

Age: 12+


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