Stunt 4-lines

If dual line kites were jet planes, quad line (also called “multiline”) kites would be the helicopter of the kite world. A total of four lines provides control over nearly every edge of the kite, allowing an experienced pilot to hover mid-air anywhere in the sky, in any position.

Most quad line kites are able to take off and land upside-down, spin in place, skim the ground by mere inches and control flight speed to a very high degree, all of which has made them one of the more popular kite types for large group team flying all over the world.

Stunt 4-lines

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  • Revolution Supersonic - Vented

    From Price €254
    Revolution logo

    This model is all about Speed, Agility, and just Fast !! 

    Notice the slightly different shape, the sawed-off wing tips.  This allows for smooth, and fast reverse.  This model flies 60- 0 mph in 1 second.

    Kite (vented), handles, setup and training manual and bag (lines not included)

    (Also available non-vented version)
  • HQ Easy Quad R2F

    Price €80

    Easy Quad is the affordable entry into the world of quad line flying. 

    Nevertheless, the Easy Quad stands for pure fun and provides a variety of thrilling flying experiences. 

    Forward and backward flights, fast loops, abrupt stops and radical changes of direction - Easy Quad makes it possible at a high level of controllability. Its almost unique shape, cool design and high crash stability give the Easy Quad a special charisma.

    Includes: Kite, 4-line handles, Dyneema lines on winder and bag.
  • This new generation of HQ kite bags provide innovative design and a robust finish with a high degree of functionality.

    Thanks to the comfortable shoulder straps, these high-quality zipper bags can be carried like a backpack, if necessary.

    For demanding pilots these bags incorporate many clever details and inside pockets, offering plenty of room for kites and accessories.

  • HQ Mojo Rainbow R2F

    Price €159

    A unique, crisscrossing spar configuration creates a leading edge that is extremely sturdy and absorbs impacts, making the Mojo perfect for first time quad-line flyers.

    The Mojo offers full quad-line control and is capable of forward and reverse movement, instantaneous stops, hovers and propeller spins. 

    Includes: Kite, 4-line handles, Dyneema lines on winder and bag.
  • HQ Meteor R2F

    Price €108

    Flying clean and straight lines as if on rails, amazing forward and reverse flights, hovers, breathtaking propeller spins - all this is part of the flight repertoire of the Meteor.

    The special feature of this quad-line kite, however, is the calm and controllability with which it „paints“ stunning flying figures in the sky. The extraordinary flying performances of quad-line

    kites attract more and more people. Beginners who want to learn more about the possibilities of quad-line kites, will find a very versatile companion with an attractive design in the Meteor - and all at a very attractive price.

    Even experts will appreciate the flying potential and controllability of this kite.

    Includes: Kite, 4-line handles, Dyneema lines on winder and bag.