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Ready-to-fly (RTF)

Ready-to-fly (RTF)





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    Crowded beaches and no space for kiting? Launch the "Hydra" and head off into the water! 

    The "Hydra" is a unique trainer kite designed to re-launch in the water.
    The revolutionary closed-cell technology makes relaunching and landing on the water safe and easy. A one-way valve system and a watertight zipper effectively prevent water from entering the kite. 

    Includes: Kite, 3-line 50cm contrl bar, ,Dyneema lines and bag.

  • APEX

    You are looking for a kite you can rely on 100%? Who can’t let you climb airy heights in borderline situations in the backcountry?

    With the Apex, HQ4 have developed the perfect kite to get you into a whole new level.

    Maximum control, high stability and sufficient depower performance make it the companion that helps you to increase your personal level continuously. Don’t worry about mistakes, the Apex forgives a lot and makes the entry into the world of landorading or snowkiting especially easy.

    Includes: Kite, manual, backpack.


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    You are looking for a cheap and universal introduction to kiting and you are not yet committed to a specific direction?

    Whether you want to enjoy kitesurfing, land kiting or just for fun – the Fluxx is the right choice for you, because HQ4 have attached great importance to easy handling and good, balanced flight characteristics.

    Includes: Kite, command bar 45 cm, lines e bag.

  • Charge logo
    This latest Arc stays true to its core identity; it is built for passionate kite flyers who enjoy the elegant flow that only a true old school kite can offer.

    Never change a winning formula: this new version of the Charger embodies all the best aspects of the series. High wind stability, gust absorption, powerful boosts, smooth landings, proper bar pressure and superior longevity.

    The Charger is designed to work in most conditions, its unbeaten stability makes it highly reliable and its shape and flexibility provide comfort even in unsteady winds.

    Includes: kite and bag.

  • Escape logo

    The Escape is built to offer the explosive performance you expect from a high-level competition kite. Building upon the formula of accessible and versatile freestyle performance the V7 Escape feels alive with potential.

    It is designed to connect in such a way that every kiteboarder feels comfortable and inspired to push his or her riding right from the first launch.

    Expect explosive pop and lots of grunt for unhooked moves, excellent vertical boost, great line slack for unhooked tricks and highly responsive & direct steering.

    Whether you are practicing your first backrolls or throwing double handle passes, the Escape will have you giddy like a schoolgirl every time you take it for a spin.

    Includes: kite, manual and backpack (no pump, bar and lines).

  • Aero logo

    The Aero v2 is designed to be the ultimate super GT amongst race kites.

    It combines blistering pace and acceleration with rider oriented responsiveness, dynamic handling, and unmatched stability. The Aero is built to open the door to a new level of engagement between rider and wing.

    Racetrack, light wind ride or everyday cruise, its comfortably balanced bar pressure allows you to stay out longer and push your riding experiences to new heights.

    Includes: kite, manual and backpack (no pump, bar and lines).


    Are you looking for a kite that ticks all the boxes of a true powerkite? A kite with a great performance, that is easy to control and extremely robust because of an ingenious cell system?

    Then the Rush Pro trainer kite range has been developed just for you. Try these kites to learn safe handling, but always remain fully in control – not least because of the effective 3rd-line safety system. Kite control is our top priority. And we would like you to reach your next level.

    Includes: Kite, 3-line control bar, Dyneema lines, leash, bag.


    Stable, direct, quick and easy – just awesome – made for you freeriders and freestylers to rock right. 

    You want to feel the punch when you work with the bar, the umbrella catapults you upwards and after a long time you feel like you’re standing down again? We have combined all these qualities in the Montana and built a land kite for you, which brings everything to make every session a perfect experience.

     Kite and bag.