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  • HQ Delta Hawk Rainbow

    Price 49€
    The Delta Hawk develops a very nice pull in higher wind conditions.

    Due to its 6 mm (.230) carbon tube frame this kite is more than robust and can be flown in very high winds.

    Includes: Kite and bag (NO lines).
  • HQ

    Little Arrow flies fast, really fast.

    While flying Little Arrow pilots can go to the limits of their response capacity. Despite his incredible maneuverability, Little Arrow flies very precisely.

    Loops look like a moving circular saw blade and make Little Arrow a challenge for eyes and hands. The start succeeds easily at 2-3 Beaufort, from 4 Beaufort the challenge begins with the pilots´ ability to concentrate. In high winds, this little racer requires strong lines as Little Arrow develops surprising traction for its size.

    So this kite promises a fast-paced action experience for all pilots who want to push their limits.
    Includes: Kite, lines on winder and bag.

  • HQ

    Arrow is an extremely dynamic real racer that combines power and speed in an incredible manner to provide challenging flight experiences.

    Astonishingly tight wing tip loops and high speeds, even in lower wind conditions, guarantee sporty and endless fun. The Arrow takes off easily and runs on rails through the air, cutting cleanly through gusty winds and staying on course those are properties not characteristic for kites in this class.

    With medium to high wind conditions, pilots must be ready for a challenge. In addition, the appealing carbon design and broad, crescent-shape appearance help makes the Arrow a unique kite.

    Includes: Kite and bag.

  • HQ Buzz R2F

    Price 62€

    The Buzz has a stylish presence that is affordable, easy-to-fly, and will appeal to ambitious beginners.

    The Buzz is forgiving in flight and its fiberglass frame is very robust. The shape and appearance of the Buzz is modern and elegant.

    It is a great kite for anyone looking for fun, and in higher wind speeds the Buzz will generate a considerable amount of pull.

    Includes: kite, lines on winder, straps and bag.
  • HQ Ninja

    Price 58€

    The first impression of the Ninja would be one of a rather inconspicuous kite, but it packs a lot of punch.

    Pilots ought to have some experience when launching this kite and then take up fighting position. Extreme spins, sudden direction changes and a strong pull forward demand continuous concentration. Here, kiting is real sport with a good dose of fun. The carbon rods of the Ninja ensure precise and stable flights. When the trailing edge tensioning line is fully engaged, response will be even more pronounced.

    Advanced and experienced pilots, who feel ready to engage in that fight, will not regret their choice. 

    Included: Kite and bag.
  • HQ Whizz

    Price 66€
    Whizz is the fastest kite in the HQ range with the potential of becoming a cult classic. This kite's potential for fun is incredible.

    Its unique twin keel, high-end wind range, robust frame and speed in flight make Whizz stand out. Whizz starts flying at wind speeds of 2 Bft! Just watch it go! It stays steady on course in gusty inland winds. Screaming spins occur at speeds of 4 Bft and more. A flexible keel mounting and cambered leading edge guarantee smooth acceleration for pleasant feedback. Yet Whizz is demanding and always requires your concentration in its quest for constant movement. 

    You simply have to keep an eye on it.

    Includes: kite and bag.
  • HQ Fazer XL

    Price 145€

    Conceived as a speed and power kite, the Fazer XL impresses with strong pull and breathtaking speed.

    Extremely maneuverable, this kite can turn on a dime. Forgiving in lower winds, the Fazer XL mutates into a raging bull as wind speeds climb. Fast reactions and strength are required to tame this kite.
    Be prepared to be dragged downwind.

    Includes: Kite and bag.
  • HQ Cruiser R2F

    Price 54€

    The Cruiser offers an exceptional introduction into the world of speed kiting.

    Because of its robust fiberglass frame and top-quality manufacturing, the Cruiser will survive many unplanned impacts. Easy to launch, but once propelled, the pilot best concentrate. The Cruiser moves across the sky with great precision, both looping and in straight lines, wanting to be challenged.

    The acute design leaves no doubt in the serious nature of this kite and is perfect for those who enjoy battling the wind.

    Includes: Kite, lines on winder, straps and bag.