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Kites, toys  and Windspiration products have been successfully sold under the trademark of “HQ”, founded in 1986 in Germany by Invento

The active toys branded HQ are an entire line of products developed to appeal to people who care about quality. The product line ranges from bounce balls and rocket whistlers to frisbees and the popular airgliders. Also the HQ Windspiration products are very decorative and attractive.

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  • The frameless Multi-Kite combines all the good things about kiting.

    The contemplative and relaxing side of single line kite flying and the sporty side of stunt kite flying. With this kite both becomes so easy that we recommend the Multi-Kite for kids ages 10+. Flown as a single line kite, it develops light but noticeable pull.

    The long tube tail helps to stabilize its flying characteristics. Simply take out part of the bridle line, attach flying straps and the Multi-Kite becomes a stunt kite.  The attached tube tail provides a colorful trail that follows the kites every move.

    Perfect for beginners, the kite flies slowly which helps the first time flyer to perform loops, turns and dives with ease.

     Kite, bag, Polyester 20 kp  2x2 m on winder with straps + Polyester 40 kp  60 m on spool
  • HQ

    Limbo II is truly a worthy successor to the well-known Limbo - more pull, more precision, sturdier, simple to assemble and the addition of bold graphite fabric accents.

    Despite the good-natured flight characteristics which make the Limbo II an excellent choice for beginners, this kite offers exceptional perfomance in its class - pleasant design, precise and punchy flight, wide wind range.

    A frame of sturdy fiberglass renders the Limbo II extremely robust. No matter whether the winds are light or strong sea breezes are blowing - Limbo II is great fun even in difficult wind conditions. 

     Kite, lines on winder, straps and bag.
  • HQ Dancer Rainbow R2F

    Price 20.33 €

    Beginners stuntkite, slow and easy to handle.

    Virtually unbreakable and the best choice for young pilots. Including 15 m/50 ft. tube tail.

    Includes: kite, lines on spoll and bag.
  • HQ Fellow - 2nd HAND as NEW

    Price 80.49 €

    With the FELLOW, HQ offers a calm and extremely precise kite that flies as if on rails. 

    The FELLOW provides plenty of speed control.
    It flies cleanly through corners and paints entirechoreographies in the sky. If you are looking for a kite with accurate flying abilities or just want to relax, then the Fellow will be the right choice for you. 
    And if you prefer to incorporate slack-line tricks, the Fellow will not disappoint you.

    ATTENTION: 2nd HAND kite as NEW. The sail is dirty - please check photo. Hence it is sold at a discounted price but it is complete!

    : Kite and bag (lines and handles not included).
  • HQ Mantra | Stuntkiting

    Price 182.93 €

    Mantra - a kite for chilling, dreaming, tricking. 

    Of course, the Mantra performs the modern tricks and moves masterfully, which it conjures up with a certain radicalism and elegance to the sky. The balance of the Mantra does not require a long settling-in period. Tricks are implemented with a high degree of precision and traceability.

    The precision on long straights in corners and loops is a real strength of this kite. 

    The Mantra never overstrains its pilot, yet it offers a sheer untapped potential for developing its own flying abilities.

    Includes: Kite, manual and bag.

  • HQ Red Baron 3D Airplane

    Price 44.72 €

    Looking for a day of fun with the family? 

    Pick up our Red Baron 3D airplane kite and enjoy it flying. Red Baron 3D looks like a 3-dimensional airplane. Comes with spinning propeller and striking graphics!

    Includes: kite, line on spool and bag.
  • HQ Delta Sport 2M

    Price 28.46 €

    Larger kites are more often easier to fly than small ones.

    This is especially true with our collection of XL Delta Kites, filling more sky for a great display as they also prove to be perfect flying machines. They will also accommodate 'line laundry', windsocks and more tails for an even greater visual impact.

    Includes: kite, line on spool and bag.