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Vliegerop BV is the Netherlands based holding company that owns and operates Peter Lynn Kitesports (now PLKB); the brand that covers all Peter Lynn traction kiting products, from LEI (tube) kites, Twinskin kites and foil kites to kite buggies and accessories. The Peter Lynn brand has its origin in New Zealand, in 1971.

Peter Lynn (now PLKB)has been taking challenges from the early days of the sport. Challenges to come with better products, invent new solutions, improve performance and build superior quality in every aspect of those products.

PLKB has several ‘industry firsts’ to his name and is the inventor of the kite buggy. The Peter Lynn team designs kites for all kite disciplines, for all terrains, for all conditions. All this comes forth from a passionate crew of kite sports enthusiasts: ‘Passion makes us fly.’

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    The Hype Trainer is a very friendly 2-line powerkite which is easy to fly for just about anyone no matter age or skill.

    Even without any prior kiting experience, the Hype Trainer is your entry into the exciting world of powerkiting, it is an incredibly easy to set-up 2-line powerkite flown on a controlbar. The Hype Tr is suitable for the whole family.

    Include: Kite, trainer control bar, pre-attached, colour coded Dyneema® flying lines, 2-line bridled foil manual, bag.

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    The Aero v2 is designed to be the ultimate super GT amongst race kites.

    It combines blistering pace and acceleration with rider oriented responsiveness, dynamic handling, and unmatched stability. The Aero is built to open the door to a new level of engagement between rider and wing.

    Racetrack, light wind ride or everyday cruise, its comfortably balanced bar pressure allows you to stay out longer and push your riding experiences to new heights.

    Includes: kite, manual and backpack (no pump, bar and lines).

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    The Peter Lynn Capital is built to offer freestyle performance and wakestyle quickness.

    The wide tips combined with the stiff core gives you plenty of pop for your wakestyle tricks, while it’s high rocker lets you land more tricks than ever. Because there is no concave the board is even easier to land and steer. 

    Peter Lynn

    Includes: Board - complete
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    The RADICAL seat harness is designed for optimum comfort while kiting. 

    The harness is made from first-rate and hard-wearing materials and has webbing straps running through the harness for maximum durability. The Radical harness features a grab handle and solid leash attachments on the back. The harness is supplied with a spreader bar pad preventing the spreader bar from digging into your chest and protecting your clothing if you are using a wheel spreader.

    Available in sizes: XS, S, M, L & XL, either as a separate harness or with Bullet spreader, Prodigy spreader or standard spreader bar.
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    The Peter Lynn Divine Seat Harness has been specifically designed for the buggy scene.

    This harness is extremely comfortable when riding a buggy especially when riding with solid power for a long period of time. 
    The Peter Lynn Divine Harness is the only truly dedicated harness designed to fit the rider perfectly when sitting in a buggy.

    Available in sizes: XS, S, M, L & XL, either as a separate harness or with Bullet spreader, Prodigy spreader or standard spreader bar.
  • Peter Lynn 4-line handles

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    Peter Lynn Handles for 4-line kites

    Made from aluminium and covered with EVA foam for extra grip
    Have an attachment for a backstrap or harness line to let the load off your arms during flight

    Included extra loop on bottom of handle enables parking of kite on the beach by pushing a groundstake through it
  • Designed for the buggy competition scene

    4-line handles feature an EVA foam grip around the complete handle, as well as Dyneema lines for direct steering and precise kite control
    Race handles have the top line attachment closer towards the top of the handle, to ensure smoother steering when riding at full speed

    Handles are designed to be grabbed below the top line attachment, for riding hooked in to your harness at all times
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    The Fury V3 is built for those who go big and ride hard.  But most of all it is built to provide you with everything you need to have mind blowing sessions every time you go out to play. 

    The Fury is built with maximum performance in mind. This fantastic piece of engineering will maximise your jumps, provide you with massive airtime, have you screaming upwind and gets you riding at teeth grinding speeds. 

    If you want to look good on the water, treat yourself to the Fury!

    Includes: kite, Navigator V6 bar with lines, manual and backpack (pump not incl).