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High Quality Kite Parts

Since the early nineties Vliegerop has set the standard in the kite scene with the Exel kite frame system. Exel Composites is world’s largest manufacturer of thin-walled carbonfibre and glassfibre tubes (FRP tubes).  Our Exel kite frame system assortment contains a wide range of connectors and different kinds of spars; glass, carbon, hollow and solid. Besides we carry System 30. This is a self assembly system for building frameworks and lightweight structures.

When light weight is important the Exel tubes or rods can be the solution. Glass fibre tubes are 75 % lighter than steel and carbon fibre tubes are 80 % lighter than steel. Besides Exel tubes have a very high stiffness and strength ratio compared to steel and aluminium. Also Exel tubes ensure corrosion resistance even in the most demanding environments. Tubes are maintenance free, thus ensuring low life cycle costs.

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