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  • HQ Jive III Aqua R2F

    Price 87.80 €

    Jive - the name alone already reveals its programme. Now, the Jive III enters the floor as the latest development. And it dances more beautifully than ever before.

    Adjusted to the latest developments in trick flying and with a completely new sail design, the Jive III offers any pilot, who is ready to learn, a cornucopia of possibilities. Also the most modern trick sequences, such as Comets or Multiple Yo-Yos, are obviously part of the repertoire of the Jive III.

    Though, we have not forgotten where the Jive III comes from. To the beginner, this kite offers optimal precision, robustness and easy handling.

    Includes: Kite, lines on winder, straps and bag.
  • HQ Maestro Aqua R2F

    Price 115.85 €

    The Maestro III may look similar to its predecessor. But it is a completely redesigned sport kite that delivers the latest in trick flying performance.

    A rapid rotation of the Maestro III's longitudinal axis makes the completion of tricks easy and exceedingly precise. Wrap tricks are another specialty of the Maestro III. 
    A moderate flying speed and predictable flying character make the Maestro III suitable for all skill levels. The versatility of this high-quality flying machine will never leave pilots bored.

    Includes: Kite, lines on winder, straps and bag.
  • HQ Mantra | Stuntkiting

    Price 177.64 €

    Mantra - a kite for chilling, dreaming, tricking. 

    Of course, the Mantra performs the modern tricks and moves masterfully, which it conjures up with a certain radicalism and elegance to the sky. The balance of the Mantra does not require a long settling-in period. Tricks are implemented with a high degree of precision and traceability.

    The precision on long straights in corners and loops is a real strength of this kite. 

    The Mantra never overstrains its pilot, yet it offers a sheer untapped potential for developing its own flying abilities.

    Includes: Kite, manual and bag.

  • HQ

    Limbo II is truly a worthy successor to the well-known Limbo - more pull, more precision, sturdier, simple to assemble and the addition of bold graphite fabric accents.

    Despite the good-natured flight characteristics which make the Limbo II an excellent choice for beginners, this kite offers exceptional perfomance in its class - pleasant design, precise and punchy flight, wide wind range.

    A frame of sturdy fiberglass renders the Limbo II extremely robust. No matter whether the winds are light or strong sea breezes are blowing - Limbo II is great fun even in difficult wind conditions. 

     Kite, lines on winder, straps and bag.
  • HQ Flow

    Price 71.95 €

    Cirrus offers features that are otherwise only found in higher price brackets.

    Endless fun for beginners and experienced pilots is guaranteed with this exciting kite that combines quality with thrilling performance.
    Equipped with a light and rigid carbon frame, the Cirrus offers excellent flying characteristics over a very wide wind range from 1-7 Beaufort.

    Cirrus flies with a noticeable pull even during low wind conditions. In stronger wind Cirrus zooms through the sky at breath-taking speeds.

    Includes: Kite and bag.
  • HQ Arrow XL | Stuntkiting

    Price 169.92 €

    The Arrow XL leaves no doubt about its purpose - pure power and a high degree of speed.

    Just like its smaller brother, the Arrow XL pulls dynamically and quickly on precise straights and extreme loops through the wind window.
    Even gusty winds do not strain the Arrow XL a bit. Flying the Arrow XL is a very special experience and guarantees a fun workout.

    The size, shape and high-tech look underline the character of this kite, which belongs to experienced hands and requires the pilot‘s respect.

    Includes: Kite,and bag
  • HQ Fellow | Stuntkiting

    Price 119.51 €

    With the FELLOW, HQ offers a calm and extremely precise kite that flies as if on rails. 

    The FELLOW provides plenty of speed control.
    It flies cleanly through corners and paints entirechoreographies in the sky. If you are looking for a kite with accurate flying abilities or just want to relax, then the Fellow will be the right choice for you. 
    And if you prefer to incorporate slack-line tricks, the Fellow will not disappoint you.

    : Kite and bag (lines and handles not included).
  • HQ Arrow | Stuntkiting

    Price 119.51 €

    Arrow is an extremely dynamic real racer that combines power and speed in an incredible manner to provide challenging flight experiences.

    Astonishingly tight wing tip loops and high speeds, even in lower wind conditions, guarantee sporty and endless fun. The Arrow takes off easily and runs on rails through the air, cutting cleanly through gusty winds and staying on course those are properties not characteristic for kites in this class.

    With medium to high wind conditions, pilots must be ready for a challenge. In addition, the appealing carbon design and broad, crescent-shape appearance help makes the Arrow a unique kite.

    Includes: Kite and bag.