List of products by brand ICAREX Polyester

State of the Art Ripstop Polyester Fabric

Icarex has set the standard in performance and durability and is the state of the art in  ripstop polyester fabric for sport kite applications. Our polyester Icarex is used by all major sport kite manufacturers worldwide. Strength and stability are at a premium for these high performance sport kites.

Icarex fabric, also indicated as PC-31 (Polycarbonate-31 gram/m2), incorporates the lightest constructions in kite fabrics. Due to the Polyurethane (PU) coating on both sides, the fabric is extremely airtight and absorbs no water. This guarantees the best performance in light winds and the fabric will keep its shape, even in wet, rainy conditions. The polyester in combination with double coating gives Icarex the best porosity performance of all available fabrics.

Icarex is available in a wide pallet of colours. All of the colours are very bright and, because of the fabric being so thin, work even better in the sky. In comparison to nylon fabrics, the colours in polyester fabric keep their original intensity much better, because polyester fabrics such as Icarex are UV resistant.

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