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Your ripstop nylon of choice for lightweight and performance that lasts.

Chikara is the Japanese word for Power. And this matches perfectly with the fabric’s qualities and performance. Initially designed as a high-end fabric especially for the kite- and paraglider market, Chikara has been the leading ripstop spinnaker nylon ever since. Nowadays Chikara also is the fabric of choice in many other markets where high, consistent quality and longevity are required, among which the medical industry and the outdoor industry.

The performance of the fabric is the result of a subtle balance between weight, strength, airtightness, stability and durability. The weight of Chikara cloth is extremely low (41gr/m2) because of the use of high tenacity threads. These threads give Chikara its extremely high tear strength.

Chikara – your ripstop nylon of choice if you require ultimate reliability, light weight and high performance that lasts.

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