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Outstanding, Durable Fabric with an Unmatched Price/Performance Ratio

Mirai is the Japanese word for Future. We believe that every application with its unique characteristics requires its own unique fabric. And in that respect Mirai, an economical  40D ripstop nylon, has got a great future. Mirai was introduced in 2005 as a basic ripstop nylon fabric for sport- and foil kites; kites that require a high quality fabric which is resistant to wear and tear, has good airtightness and which easily absorbs shocks. And exactly those features make Mirai an excellent fabric for a much wider range of applications, among which inflatable objects, skydancers, art objects, apparel, protection- and cover products as well as a range of medical devices.

With a weight of 48 gram/m² Mirai may be the fabric of choice for all those applications where reliability and durability are key while minimum weight and the very best airtightness values are not of the utmost importance.

Mirai – an outstanding, durable fabric with an unmatched price/performance ratio and all-round usability for all those applications where high performance, durability and light weight are important.

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