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Make Your Kite Brandnew with Kitefix

KiteFix is a Canadian company specializing in kitesurf equipment repairs. It has been doing business in the field of kitesurf equipment repairs since 2003. Their mission is to offer innovative repair products and quality services at reasonable and competitive prices.

The company’s main sector of activities is the repairing of kitesurf equipment. KiteFix offers you a complete range of products, including a compact repair kit that will allow you a quick and permanent quality repair with no stitches nor expensive professional handling.

Kitefix want to offer all kite lovers (amateurs and pros) an effective, easy and accessible way to quickly and solidly repair a tear, a broken valve or any other damages that might result from a manoeuvre gone bad. The main idea here is to allow you to go back to kitesurfing as fast as possible!

KiteFix allows you on the spot repairing of your equipment.

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    Looking for an economical alternative to the KiteFix Complete Kit?

    Try the KiteFix Mini-Kit. We have streamlined this kit to provide the basics for repairing a canopy tear up to 48”, a 12” leading edge or strut repair and bladder leaks. If your kite canopy is white and you want just the basics, this is the kit for you.
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    The SailFix Repair Kit gives you everything you need to quickly, easily and permanently repair your ripstop, Dacron, monofilm and laminate sails. For emergency or DYI everyday sail repairs, each kit contains enough product to repair an 8’ foot (96 in.) long tear, usually within an hour. Whether racing or on a sailing holiday, have peace of mind knowing you can quickly, easily and permanently repair your own sails.
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    Bladder leak? No problem!

    KiteFix’s Ultra-Adhesive patches are a must. Extremely adherent, flexible and with no glue to add, they allow you stop a leak very quickly.
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    Blown out your leading edge, now what?

    Replacing the bladder can take a long time and is usually very expensive. Our MONSTER Bladder Patch was created to give you another option.